1 Year + 2 states + gratitude + [not-so] Fairy Tales

Every little girl dreams of the day that a handsome prince shows up, sweeps her off her feet, and they fall madly in love. We grow and realize, well fairytales are a bunch of…


Yes, I said it and I mean it too. It’s an unrealistic expectation. Except, it happened to me.  –

Just when I reached the point of my life that I was going to be focused on no one but me and my career. That “I sure don’t need anyone, I’m such an independent woman” thought process. When I was completely convinced [and whole heartedly accepted] that this life was big enough for just me and the Macy-Cat, that’s when Prince Charming introduced himself and changed everything. IMG_5574

This is Jeremy…only about 48 hours after meeting me. ((rewind)) Jeremy is also with Herbalife and we both happened to be at the same, most-epic, totally awesome training event [Extravaganza]. Thanks to his totally awesome brother, we were introduced to each other…If I could have cued the sappy Disney Music, trust me, it would have been playing because I knew at that very moment that this prince charming was about to put my entire “Miss Independent” life anthem on it’s butt.

…Downfall…we lived over 2,000 miles apart from each other.

Thankfully, my mentor taught me that there is no such thing as problems and after months of facetime dates, long conversations, and a few visits to new states – I made the biggest decision of my life. I was going to pack my entire life up and move to Ohio to pursue our dreams of coaching together, and making an impact on the community and my dreams of marrying a prince.  So I managed to fit 27 years of existence into 50lbs in a UHAUL trailer, with the rest into a Honda Civic that also had to fit me, Jeremy and can’t forget…The Macy-Cat.

Photo 2013-09-03 08.03.49 AM

It’s truly crazy how fast time can go. It’s been an entire year now [HAPPY 1 YEAR OHIO ANNIVERSARY TO ME] but yet I feel like my list of accomplishments look more like I arrived yesterday [which was reflected in a very normal, nothing special kind of celebration of daily life]. It’s definitely not how I imagined life would be 365 days later. When I got here, I was going to do so much, change so many lives, advance so much in my career, hit major milestones in my life…and yet, I just feel older.

I know I can’t be the only one out there that has a moment when you sit back and likely say out loud, “shit! what happened?” I hop on social media to distract myself [its like watching cheesy love movies after being dumped, it’s just not a good idea!] and see friends getting engaged that met after Jeremy and I did, friends even getting married, having babies, and achieving so much success in their careers. My entire life I struggled with the notion that I wasn’t and never will be good enough. It’s a easy slope to tumble down, and it hurts like the dickens the entire way to rock bottom. It’s easy to look at things and feel insignificant. To feel inadequate. To look at others and think, if they got ____, what is so wrong with me?

Please tell me that I am not the one and only person that’s experienced this before?

So, I have made up my mind.

If feeling like crap and not good enough is the easy way, then what can happen if I try to deal with everything the hard way.  I found a quote, and it’s been on my mind a ton lately because it’s been a huge struggle of mine. I reads

Comparison is the


of all joy.

And so, I begin my gratitude journal. Something for you all to experience with me, and something I challenge you to the same reflections. Studies have shown [I have no clue which studies…] that people that express gratitude are happier, more fulfilled, and just all around more awesome than those that don’t. Here begins all the incredible daily things in life that I am grateful for.

1) This fluff nugget – the forever by side kitty that thinks she is a dog. This is the official [and absolute coolest] Macy-Cat


2) Having a man that for some reason, loves the snot out of me [or at least he says] – even when I am strong willed and determined to do things my way and avoid doing the dishes sometimes, he keeps me around.


3) I don’t know how this woman has done the things she has to repeatedly save my butt and help me out every.single.time. I need it, my mama is incredible and I am so grateful that I had to opportunity to see her last month. I really miss the hot and mostly boring place that I call home. And I miss my family and friends that fill it.


4) Grateful for the challenges I have faced, the disappointment I have felt, the people that hurt my feelings, and the sting of losing what you thought were friendships. Moving a very fast growing business to a new state was way more challenging than I ever imagined. I went from a well known growing leader to just another person in an instant. Lost a few close people I cherished as friends. But learned that not everyone will like me…and it’s ok. I learned what I did do well. What I can improve. And have time to really focus on building a team of my very best friends that stand for what I do. To have time to grow. To fine-tune my dreams. And be solely responsible for them coming true.

5) My faith grows stronger every day. I know that I was put on this earth to do something that will last longer than me. Even when I get frustrated with my story, I trust that there is a reason for it all. If I think about the teeny tiny things that lead me to moment that I met Jeremy, I wouldn’t go back and change any detail if it meant changing the fate of us meeting. All that icky stuff was completely worth what I have done so far. I was able to take my further when I was baptized this summer.

6) There’s a few incredible, powerful, and loving women that have embraced all of my weirdness, and have decided to be weird with me. This is what friendship truly is – people that love you even thou you are completely bizarre. And for them, my heart is forever grateful. Even if a busy schedule keeps me from chatting as much as I want to, I hope they all know just how deeply I care for them [old & new].

7) Writing has been a passion of mine for several years. I am grateful that I have started this blog – something that represents all of me and hopefully inspires all of you. I hope to represent something fresh. To be a resource. And to start a movement. I am grateful for every last person that has taken the time to read my thoughts, comment, join, follow, share, and just give a darn. Thank you. ❤

Tuesday is a fresh chance to do things just 1% better than the day before and during that day, I will try to eliminate comparisons and replace with gratitude, to smile, and to 1 selfless deed for someone else.


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