Meet Alexandra!

One of the most rewarding experiences about starting my nutrition plan has been the incredible and powerful people have been introduced to. One of the first things I learned from my mentor was to be attractive. Not attractive in the sense that society thinks, but attractive as in focusing on what vibrations you are bringing to this planet. Everything that you are and represent is what you attract in your life. If you’re finding yourself swimming in negativity and drama, chances are it is the vibration that you bring.

Once I became solely focused on health and becoming an influential woman, is the exact moment that other influential woman started entering my life. The journey has been amazing and there is a world-wide movement that is happening. I wanted to have the opportunity to feature some of my teammates on here because my story is just 1 story – it might not be something that you can relate to, but one of the stories you find on here might be someone that changes the way you think, and motivates you to become apart of the health movement.

First up, I had the incredible honor of interviewing Alexandra. She became apart of our team just a few months ago, but is already making a giant impact. She represents body positivity to fullest, and let’s face it – she radiates life! Here’s the talented, gorgeous, and wonderful, Alexandra!

Alexandra Kulp2

    1. Name: Alexandra Kulp

    2. Nickname: Alli
    3. Three words that best describe you: Passionate, Driven, Curious
    4. Other gigs (what else do you do? career. school, family): I passed the NCLEX-RN a month ago, and am currently in the market for a hospital-based RN position! I currently work as a PSA (fancy term for nursing aide) at one of the large Central Ohio hospitals. I do spend a great deal of time with my family, helping out my parents whenever possible and engaging in mutual support systems with my three older sisters.
    5. I feel the most beautiful when: I’m happy, consciously thankful, and actively helping others. A nice, feel-good outfit and a little red lip always helps, too. ;P
    6. What does “healthy” mean to you? Healthy, to me, is not something that can be determined by simply observing the appearance of an individual. Healthy is the cohesive nature of strengthening your mind, body, and spirit in all aspects of your life. You cannot expect to hold onto toxic feelings, thoughts, or friendships, and still SHINE BRIGHT on the outside. Your health is more than your hours at the gym and what you put in your body, although the importance of those two things are absolutely part of the puzzle! If you are looking to get healthy, take a step back and evaluate all aspects of your life. I have a predominantly holistic view of health. Hold on, because this could be long-winded! I am eternally grateful for the encouragement to defy the ‘norm’ and embrace my individuality and strength that my parents instilled in me as a young girl when my insecurities were exceptionally heightened. I found a passion for the marrying of mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being when I began practicing Tae Kwon Do at 10 years old. Although my active practice has since passed by a few years, I retain much of the mindset in regards to the notion of a healthy community, a balanced mind, and the importance of simply breathing.

    7. Why did you start a nutrition plan? As a college nursing student who picked up a management minor late in the game, I struggled for four years straight (Im the crazy lady who never took a Summer off of classes!) to find the balance between what I thought was healthy and what was convenient. Between 24-36 hours of clinical and 16-18 hours of lecture per week, it was a struggle. Primarily, I lacked the knowledge and experience to put into play what I learned in my sophomore year nutrition class! I lacked the support I needed to be successful. A sorority sister of mine, Katey, introduced me to Herbalife products, glowingly speaking of her life-changing experience, even beyond nutrition. She spoke so highly of the community and support (especially of this one rockstar lady named Jacqulyne) and the wealth of knowledge everyone brought to the table. I was highly intrigued, and took that first step alongside Katey as we both entered the Ohio Body Transformation Challenge.
    8. What was the first thing you noticed after starting your plan? Besides the crazy convenience of having healthy meals at my finger tips, my energy levels increased tremendously! I had to previously rely on my morning (oh, and afternoon) coffee to wake me up enough to be a functional part of society! While I still have the occasional cup of coffee, simply because it is delicious, I no longer depend on it. Feeding my body the right amount of nutrients allowed my mind and body to function at a much more optimal level!
    9. What’s your result (so far…)? Besides the increase in energy, I have also lost 6.2 lbs, 6.6% body fat and gained 8 lbs of lean muscle mass! I am able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans that I had not been able to comfortably wear or wiggle on for quite some time. Beyond the physical, I have gained friends who glow with positivity and encouragement within a community that empowers each individual to compete with only who they were yesterday.
    10. What is the best moment of your life? I would have to say the best moment of my life is not an action, a memory, nor an accomplishment. It revolves around a realization. As women, we are inundated with unrealistic expectations of how we should look, how we should dress… develop our careers… act towards others as not to intimidate… be ashamed of our bodies if they dont look like those in the magazines…. the list could heartbreakingly go on forever.

      The best moment of my life was the realization that the only reason I should seek to improve myself was for me and me alone (regardless of if it were for health, confidence, etc). I did not owe my prettiness to anyone. I should never have to apologize to someone else for my imperfections. They make me who I am, and they are evidence of such deep history and a product of two of the most hardworking, caring individuals I know. Our bodies are complex and amazing workhouses, and I strive to improve my body because I RESPECT it, not because I am ashamed of it. I work to improve my mental health, because I am everlasting awe of the strength of the mind. I want to be the very best of me, not someone else. We are all on our own journey, but I hope more ladies come to the realization that a number will not make them happy. You must find it within yourself, as it is there, waiting to SHINE!

    11. The legacy I leave will look like: Empowered individuals who have the ability to recognize their own worth. We are all human, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Turn your weaknesses into your strengths, and shine on.

Alexandra Kulp


Shoutout to your favorite things!

            Healthy Food: Avocados/Guacamole!

            Shake Flavor: Wild Berry/Vanilla

            Herbalife Product: Raspberry Tea and Mango Aloe

            Workout Song: Pulses” by Karmin

            Charity to Donate to/Volunteer: Animal Shelters/Rescues

Holiday: Casual: Halloween (I LOVE to go all out!); but my real love is Christmas (the coziness, the holiday spirit, the family time!)

Way to be active: Dancing always takes the cake (nothing formal, just moving my body to the music!). Although I am quickly developing an intense curiosity in yoga!

Thing you never leave home without: A refillable water bottle… have to stay hydrated!

Fashion Accessory: My celtic ring that I purchased from an artist at a Christmas Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Best Contact email if interested in learning more about a starting a nutrition plan:


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