Finding Balance

I stood on the mat, checked my Nikes to make sure they were tied and that my laces weren’t hanging. Behind me, I heard a whisper in my ear, “Ready?”

…I pause, in my head I take a moment to visualize what’s coming up next and think to myself, “Jump, Arch, Tuck, Look, Stand.” I nodded my headed yes, took a deep breath, and waited for my count…”1, 2..”

[[This isn’t me in the video]] Unfortunately, I never got footage of learning this skill called a “Rewind.” This was one of the scariest things I learned in cheerleading, at the same time, it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever learned in my life. I practiced for days & weeks, endless drill after drill, then countless practice attempts surrounded by teammates to catch me if I fell…which happened more often than it didn’t, and finally, I was able to try it with my partner. It didn’t matter how many times I fell It, it was something that I wanted to do. Nothing was going to stop me. It didn’t matter that practice was only 2 hours, and that I had a full time academic schedule, 3 part time jobs, and volunteering on campus, I made the time for myself to balance it all because I was hungry for success.

It wasn’t until a recent leadership development weekend training that I was able to apply this to my daily life and realized that everyone could benefit from thinking like an athlete, no matter your athletic ability.

Life Words

This photo puts my mind back to how dedicated I was to making my goals become real life. I had to be focused, confident in my ability, be precise, and trust those around me. In order to get my mind and body ready for any skill, I would first, always visualize what it looked like being done perfectly and then cue my mind with a few words. I set this photo to have my goal standout, and to set 5 words for my daily life to get my mind right. For me, the words that help me most are Balance, Focus, Results, Me, and Inspire.

ME: I have learned that if I don’t take the time to take care of myself, I am unable to care for anyone else. This means that I have to be specific about what that time looks like. For me, it means that I have to eat right, exercise, take care of my finances, read or listen to my personal development, and create a goal / dream board.

BALANCE: When I wanted to achieve something as a cheerleader, there was no stopping me no matter the amount of time I was able to pursue it. Although I may not be balancing school, part time jobs, home work, and school; my life balances out other things now – a full time job, my dreams, a healthy relationship, maintaining a home, my physical health, coaching, friends, and family…the list seems never ending and it’s been a really hard struggle figuring out how to balance it all. I often fall victim to giving 100% of myself to one area and forgetting the others until I burn out. This also seems to be a struggle for my clients, teammates and really, everyone out there! The best thing I can do offer advice is to schedule your day and be intentional with your time. I get to bed on time because I need to be up early so I have the time to get stuff for me done. This means I use the time to get the gym 3 times a week, 2 days a week I have the time read, work on my online coaching business. I have to schedule when I will be coaching, when I will be at church, and fill in a full time job in between.  The other very important thing for me to plan and schedule is my time with Jeremy. It’s easy to get so busy with making a living, that you forget to make a life. It’s also so easy get so busy making a life that you forget to pursue your dreams. Jeremy and I schedule a date every week, even if its as simple as cooking dinner together and watching our 1 TV show a week together, we have also started reading together and plan to spend a couple of hours each week setting up the upcoming week together, and discuss the book we are reading [more on that book as we get thru it!] Setting aside our time allows us to handle many things, but also for each of us to pursue our dreams and goals. I encourage everyone to use a planner, whether it’s a phone or on paper [Type A personalities use this to your advantage, break out the markers, color code everything and rock your week! Type B, don’t stress, its something new, and will take practice, don’t analyze it too hard, just do it and do it  until it becomes a habit!]

FOCUS: Without balance, focus is impossible. In cheer, if I attempted anything at all without being focused, I could guarantee I would fall. If I going to do a rewind and was even an inch off in my precision, there was no way that my two [even tho tiny] feet  could land in my partner’s single hand. Imagine going thru life being that focused on your goals and dreams. It would become impossible to not achieve them. I have to keep my focus on the things that matter most.

Body Under Construction

RESULTS:  As a health coach, it is imperative that I get other people ultimate results…in both physically and most importantly, mentally. Yet, I have to always be reaching for a new result myself. The human body is an incredible machine, I am so excited to reach new results, to take my body to new levels proving that anything is possible without crazy diet pills, crash diets, fad diets, or obsessive behaviors. I am always representing my own business, and as one of my cue words, its a daily reminder to me!


INSPIRE: Everyone has something deep down that they feel compelled it do. Something that doesn’t seem to go away, it’s hard to put it into words…it’s just this knot in your stomach…a deep passion about something that you just feel you were “meant” to do. It’s in the forefront of my mind to do this for myself – fulfill my dreams, and inspire a healthy change and body positive movement, and in turn, inspire other women to pursue their dreams! I have always been inspired by powerful and positive females, Oprah makes the top of my list. She states,

“There is no greater that you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”

So I ask you, if you were to set up to the mat that allowed you to catapult the life you’ve imagined, what 5 words would you use to stay on track? We are all worthy of our dreams, or living out our calling, worthy of health, happiness and joy. Share your cue words with me on here or send me an email –!


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