Be Your Best Version of You

The past couple months have been incredible! Every month, I attend a training called the Success Training Seminar.

Most people think that after we are done with college that we are done learning. It’s true than an education can teach us how to make a living, but self taught education can earn you a fortune. And that’s why I go every single month. I plan my life around them.

I am made different.

Most people hear weekend, I hear strongBEGINNING

Most people think, Saturdays I can sleep late, I think I can get up early to become great

Most people believe I can skip that so I can spend more, I hear I will be there so I can earn more.

The women that have come into my life are my dearest friends. We love and support each other. And I look forward to knowing that no matter what I get to see them on 1 day of the month every single month. But what they may not know is how much the events need them. They radiate happiness, positivity, and worth. They carry themselves with respect. They care. And I am forever grateful to be with them on our journeys!

They have joined the movement towards health, happiness, and body positivity –

Are you ready?! šŸ™‚

My Girls - STS Dec 2014 My Girls - STS Nov 2014 New QP - Alli New Supervisor - Alli Powerful Women STS BFF's


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