Fitness Friday Workout

I have begun training for my first ever half marathon! I’m excited about running, but sculpting my muscles is still important for me, and for my goals. I found a great workout from and since I am [and evidently my FitCampers are too] absolutely weird about numbers, we thought we would tack on 50 reps of one more exercise, just so we can say it was 500 reps completed.


Here it is, just in case you would like to do it at home.

Columbus Healthy Active Lifestyle’s


50 Burpee Push Ups:

50 Sprints:

Our fitness club, is maybe 20yards in length, so each time we completed that distance, it counted as a sprint.

50 Butterfly Sit Ups:

50 Air Squats:

50 Squat-Jacks [aka In/Out]:

50 Tuck Jumps:

50 Push Ups:

50 Russian Twists:

50 Reverse Prisoner Lunges:

50 Hips Lifts [or Jane Fonda’s as we call them at FitCamp]:

This was a tough, but incredible FitCamp. What I love most about doing this in a group is that I tell everyone they can tackle this workout however they would like… complete 50 of one exercise before going onto the next, or break it up into different rounds…it was crazy to see that every single person did it differently; yet we all achieved the same goal.

IMG_1416 IMG_1418

It’s a pretty strong reflection for life and the journey we are on. It’s easy to look at someone else’s progress, and compare yourself to them. Saying “they lost 5 lbs faster than me”, “they have better abs than me”, etc – but even though everyone had a different approach or journey through this workout, we all still achieved the exact same goal! [Cue happy ending music!]

I am so grateful for the community that shows up, and gives their 100% every single week. They inspire me! And every time, think to myseld that I’m tired, I’m hurting, or sore, I know my FitFamily is watching, and so, they inspire to push thru, even if they don’t know it. As humans, we weren’t designed to do things alone, we were created for community. So grab a friend or two, or a few, and do this workout together! Share your experiences below!

May your weekend be filled with love [and a sweat session]! ❤


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