The Best Time To Be Happy


I spent a lot of time [and worrisome energy] anticipating the future. I waited for a time for things to “get better”. Each night, I dreamt about a happier life, yet woke up and kept doing things that didn’t fulfill me and was too scared to make a change. I’ve learned that things don’t just “get better” – you MAKE them better, you make yourself better, and you leave those behind that are trying to dim your light. The time is NOW lives, you were designed to SHINE! Get happy, you deserve it!


I Feel the Most Beautiful When ___________.

Are you honestly able to answer this question? Many women can’t, or won’t. Instead we look in the mirror and find all our flaws, where we need work, and wish we didn’t have. Body Image is the the difference between what our expectations are and the way we see ourselves. We have seen images our lives that develop a standard of the “ideal” body that we hold ourselves accountable to and many us feel we will never be good enough. You don’t have to feel this way. You, yes YOU, are beautiful! No matter your dress size. No matter a number on a scale. You are gorgeous. You are powerful. You can change anything you can dream of. This was a great video I found, that introduces body positivity.


Take your focus off a size or a number. Focus on your health. Are you feeding your body healthy food? Are you moving your body? Are you treating your body like a devine piece of machinery that it is? Are you setting a good example for the next generation?? YOUR daughter, YOUR niece, YOUR best friend…eyes are on you whether you know it or not. Be bold. Break the mold. Change society and yourself. LOVE YOURSELF AND START A MOVEMENT!


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